Destination Thassos


Kazaviti, perhaps the most beautiful and the quaintest village in Thassos, lies 7 km away from Skala Prinou. The traditional houses are made of stone and the roofs are made of schist. In the last few years, the old houses have been restored and preserved by their owners. The place is well known for the delicious meat you can taste in the traditional restaurant under the plane trees.


Sotiras is a small mountainous village a little bit off the beaten track. The village has traditional houses with narrow pavements that they do not provide access to a car. In the village square, under the plane trees, you will come across a marble faucet constructed in 1890.


Panagia is a picturesque village located in the northeast part of the island. The traditional architecture of the houses is maintained: the roofs are made of schist and the small balconies are made of wood. The village attracts a large number of tourists who stroll in the alleys exploring the various shops and celebrate with the locals the Feast of the Dormition on the 15th of August.


Theologos was the capital of the island during the Ottoman era. The first records in manuscripts for the existence of the thorp date back to 1287. Today, Theologos maintains a lot of its tradition and culture. The village is also well known for its cuisine and especially for its lamb skewers you can enjoy in one of the traditional taverns.

Ancient Theater

The ancient theatre was constructed in a natural cavity of the hill overlooking Limenas town. The first excavation took place in 1921 by a French Archaeological School revealing the exceptional setting. The forefront was built by marble at the beginning of the 3rd century B.C. The spectator has the privilege of having a panoramic view of the harbour as the stage background!

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is accommodated in a restored building of 1935 in Limenas. In an exhibition of 1700 objects, you can admire collections from the 7th century B.C. to the 7th century A.D. There are samples of ceramics, sculpture, coins, inscription and statues. One of the exhibits, Kouros, stands out in a height of 3.5 m, along with the statues of Adrianos and Pegasus.


Aliki is a peninsula of archaeological interest located in the southeast part of Thassos. During the 7th century B.C., a sanctum dedicated to the “Saviour gods”, who were believed to protect the ships and the sailors, started being worshipped. Aliki is also the site of the ancient marble quarry, which had been used throughout the Ancient and the Byzantine era. Huge marble rocks can still be seen under the surface of the sea.

Monastery of Archangel Michael

The monastery of Archangel Michael is located in the southeast part of Thassos, about 40 km away from Skala Prinou. It is built on a cliff above the sea offering a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea and the Mount Athos (“Holy Mount”). According to the references, the monastery was built in 1287. The first nuns and a monk settled there in 1974 and worked very hard to transform the previously deserted monastery.



In Thassos, the traveler will discover some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Marble beach, Aliki and Paradise beach catch the eye as the most picturesque beaches, whereas La Scala, Makryammos and Golden Beach are of the most organised ones. Although a developed island, most of the beaches in Thassos have not lost their character and unspoiled environment. For some extra privacy, a drive around the island will reveal several secluded beaches, ideal to relax in peace away from the crowds.


Apart from the sun and the beautiful beaches, Thassos offers a wide range of activities: daily cruises, sailing, jeep safari, scuba diving, horse riding, hiking excursions and bike tours. Contact us for more information and we will let you know about availability and prices.

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