A total of 28 rooms, 3 different types of bright and minimalist rooms, an uncompromising combination of aesthetics and functionality.
Spacious areas with a minimal aesthetic, equipped with all modern amenities, COCO-MAT mattresses
and pillows for a perfect sleep and balconies offering unrestricted views of the sea or the mountains.

We aim to offer you an environment worthy of a holiday in such an exciting destination as Thassos.
Unpretentious and yet attentive to the last detail. Distinctive and yet memorable every moment of the day.
Undisputably Mediterranean, to become -and you along with it- one with the surroundings!


Is there a way to transform what’s best into something ideal? When your canvas is an island like Thassos,
you must render the essence of the stay with an abstract luxury.


On holiday, we must make room for experiences, flavors, and settings where blue successively succeeds green.
Ask yourself: How much summer can you fit in your mind?


Comfort is the ideal hostess. She knows you need her, but she selflessly offers you everything you need
the space to relax, recharge your mind and body, and truly live what’s there and then.