Our philosophy

Committed to a better world.

At Elektra Hotel we are aware of the bigger challenges. We choose to operate in an environmentally friendly way in order to promote sustainability and help mitigate the climate change. We bring to you exeptional local products, thus supporting the local producers and reducing the transportation pollution. A hybrid car is available for you to rent and drive with maximum economy and low carbon emissions. Our choices make a difference.

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    Reduced use of plastic

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    Solar power

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    Local products



The rooms

Designed for the utmost comfort, the 28 rooms of Elektra Hotel feature convenient interiors with modern equipment and fast and reliable Wi-Fi as well as spacious balconies with unobstructed views to the ocean or the mountain.

Double Room

A charming room in natural pastel colors equipped with COCO-MAT™ mattresses and pillows for a perfect night’s sleep. Enjoy beautiful views to the Aegean Sea or Mount Ypsarion.


Superior Room

Comfort meets exquisite design in this room that is generous in size and features. The COCO-MAT™ mattresses and pillows made of natural materials guarantee a healthy and relaxing sleep, while the spectacular views of the Aegean Sea are an open invitation to the endless blue.


Triple Room

For a group or family of three, the triple room is conveniently equipped with a double bed and a single bed, both very comfortable and made of natural materials. Step out in the balcony to enjoy the view to the swimming pool and the sea or the cute olive garden.


Family Room

The perfect accommodation for a family with two children, this room provides a main bedroom and a separate kids room, both equipped with comfortable beds made of natural materials. Enjoy beautiful views to the Aegean Sea or Mount Ypsarion.


Jr. Suite

The Jr. Suite is a spacious room featuring a comfortable double bed and a sitting area with sofa. The sofa can be converted into a single or double bed so this room is perfect for a couple as well as a family with children.



An outstanding culinary experience

We choose fresh and high quality local ingredients and prepare delicious dishes for you.


In Greece, the sun is new each day and so are you! Start your day at Elektra in the most delicious way, by enjoying a heavenly breakfast at the beautiful terrace in front of the Aegean Sea. Warm homemade dishes as well as exceptional local products such as Thassos honey and Greek yoghurt, fresh fruit and vegetables, sun dried olives and freshly brewed coffee not only offer the energy boost you need but are also part of the unique gastronomic experience.


Our passion for fine living inspired the "Big Palm Restaurant". Mediterranean and traditional Greek cuisine meet creativity and modern trends in an elegant yet welcoming setting around the iconic palm tree. Unpretentious dishes cooked with passion using high quality ingredients and accompanied with a selection of exceptional Greek wines promise a splendid evening with your friends or family at our hotel.

The location

Be acquainted with the beauty of Thassos

Thassos is the emerald island of the Aegean Sea. It is made of turquoise water, golden sand and aged olive and pine trees. As a visitor, you can relax on the beach and delight in the island’s tranquillity or stop by its quaint villages and taste the local delicacies. Mount Ipsarion is the tallest peak in Thassos: standing on the top, you can look out over Golden Beach and the Aegean Sea. In the mountain's heart, you can swim in the ponds created by spectacular small waterfalls. 


Weddings & Events


Your special moments are precious to us. Imagine a small and cozy wedding reception in a romantic environment, right in front of the sea, with impeccable service. Get in touch with us for more information and we will help you organize the party you have dreamed of.


At Elektra Hotel events such as wine tasting and art exhibition take place. If you are interested in organizing your own event for a group or as an individual, feel free to contact us and discuss all the details!

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